Tucson, Arizona Pet Sitting Services
including the Civano and Sam Hughes neighborhoods

About Your Pet Sitter, Kathy

As a child with multiple allergies one of them being animal dander, I was very fortunate to have parents that set me up with allergy shots to build up an immunity. They felt that my mental state was more important being that I so loved animals. I acquired my first dog when I was 6 and have had pets ever since.

After years of working in the insurance field, I decided to pursue my dream of working with animals. Thanks to the computer I learned that there actually was an occupation called pet sitting. After research and talking to various people I started my own company. I have never regretted it. I opened my doors January 1st of 2003.

I have quite a menagerie of my own which includes 1 dog, 8 cats and 7 chickens. They are all very precious to me.

I am constantly educating myself by going to various pet sitting conferences and reading books. I am certified in pet first aid and belong to various animal organizations. I have been involved in animal rescue (both dogs and cats) for many years. I have also participated with the Humane Society by going to the Phoenix Capitol and learning how to lobby our legislators for animal rights.